Walking Into a New Position

Amy Walker is a new special education teacher at SCHS.

by Eva Rogers, Layout Editor

September 18, 2020

This year, Amy Walker has taken the position of a full time Special Education teacher. She is looking to engage her students virtually and physically the best she can while trying to adjust to her new position and responsibilities. Starting out as a music teacher in the St. Charles District, Walker got her ori...

From Center Stage to the Center of the Classroom

From Center Stage to the Center of the Classroom

by Hamda Hamed, Staff Writer

September 18, 2020

After 23 years of teaching, Matthew Lenger continues his career at St. Charles High School for the first time.   He started off his career in education as a long term substitute in the Francis Howell School district before becoming a teacher.  “Out of the 180 school days, I believe I taught 160 ...

Stressful Scheduling

Andrea Irizarry working in her corner desk to make the schedules.

by Callie King, Photo Editor

September 18, 2020

Andrea Irizarry is the new activities secretary here at St. Charles High. With all of the changes due to COVID, it makes her job even more challenging than usual to reschedule all of the buses and games. She attended college at Southeast Missouri State. This is her third year at St. Charles High.  In total...

A Familiar Smile

Sarah Schiffer is the new attendance Secretary at St.Charles High

by Caroline Gooch, Online Editor

September 18, 2020

When people first enter St.Charles High they are provided with a warm welcome and a cheerful smile. This greeting is provided by Sarah Schiffer, the attendance secretary. It is a smile many may recognize from her previous place of work Hardin Middle School. Despite being in a new location, not too many...

Teacher from FHSD Comes to SCHS

Brittany O'Keefe is the new English 2 teacher and Yearbook Adviser

by Lilian Sasso, Calendar manager

September 18, 2020

Brittany O'Keefe is a new English 2 teacher along with Yearbook Adviser. She has been teaching for two and a half years, and she has worked at Francis Howell High, Francis Howell Central, Francis Howell North and now here at St. Charles High School. Even though she works in St. Charles County, she isn...

Coach to Mother

Rachel Schmidt is a new special education teacher at High

by Danny Schneider, Polls Coordinator

September 18, 2020

New special education teacher, Rachel Schmidt, has come from KIPP St. Louis High School, a charter school in downtown St. Louis. She worked there for three years before she came to St. Charles High to work with the kids who need a little extra help.  “I teach a modified English 3, modified College Career Readine...

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