SCHS Band Goes To Disney

Band takes trip to Florida

by Lillian Barton, Staff Writer

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Over spring break SCHS band members had the opportunity to go on a field trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

“Anyone that is in any of our bands, so it wasn’t just the jazz band going.. it wasn’t just the marching band, it was anyone that could or wanted to go, or weren’t already going on vacation with their family,” Band Director Ryan Blankenship said. 

Band tries to go on one big trip once every four years, that way if members are in band for all four years of high school at some point every student is guaranteed to go on a field trip somewhere. 

“Honestly, the bus ride there was my favorite thing. It was so chaotic, we had all those freshmen on the bus and it was an overnight bus ride, it was just hectic and kinda crazy,” Erica Braatz said. “My favorite park in Disney was probably Hollywood studios. We rode the tower of terror and dropped 13 hundred feet.” 

Band left Thursday, March 16 and got to Disney around 2:30 p.m. Friday, March 17. The first park they visited was Magic Kingdom, the second day they split Epcot and Animal Kingdom. Those are smaller parks so they did those in one day. 

I think it should’ve lasted longer actually… I didn’t wanna go home.

— Erica Braatz

“I think my favorite part was Epcot. It was really fun, Epcot’s that big ball that has like all the countries,” Chase Kluesner said. 

Then on Sunday they did a Disney Sound Session, with a Disney performer and recording artist. 

“They all had the headphones on, everyone’s listening separately, there’s a backing track and then you’re trying to follow the conductors,” Blankenship said. “This new experience.. this new life that no one ever…in our band probably dealt with and I don’t think anyone had so that was a whole new experience for everyone, it was really cool and definitely worthwhile.” 

They went to Disney Imagination Campus, where they went to a music college and were conducted by a lady named Suzan who is a band director/ leads the Orchestra in Orange County, Florida. The SCHS band played with an Orchestra and a Choir.  At the end they took the music clip and put it over a movie scene from Mulan. 

“I think it should’ve lasted longer actually… I didn’t wanna go home,” Braatz said.