The student news source of St. Charles High School


The student news source of St. Charles High School


The student news source of St. Charles High School


Spider-Man: No Way Home Official Art

Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

January 10, 2022

December 17, 2021. was a very impactful day for Marvel fans. The third Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland hit theaters. With a 148 minute runtime, the movie is incredibly engaging. The beginning...

Ocean Pollution

Ocean Struggles

by Cadence Halliday, Staff Writer January 7, 2022

On average 8 million tons of pollution is added into the oceans every year. Per mile there are 46k plastic pieces in waters per mile. Pollution is killing ocean life every day.  “Pollution needs...

Promotional art pieces of Mel, Vander, Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Viktor, Jayce and Silco (in order from left to right) for Arcane

Arcane Season One Review

by Allie Taschner, Copy Editor December 3, 2021

In early 2019, Riot Games celebrated the tenth year anniversary of their popular game League of Legends. The gaming company showcased other projects they had been working on up to that point, most...

Older Populations Driving Abilities

Older Population’s Driving Abilities

by Cadence Halliday, Staff Writer November 10, 2021

Growing up I was on the road a lot when my father came into my life. At first he was a stranger my mother was dating, but he and I had a connection a father and daughter would have. So he stayed, taking...

An area called Cyber City from the game Deltarune.

A CYBERS WORLD?: Deltarune Chapter Two Review 

by Madeline Kratzer, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

Deltarune and the game before it, Undertale, are based off the popular Nintendo game series Mother (also known as Earthbound)? [/sidebar]Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale and it’s sequel, Deltarune,...

Movie review: Halloween Kills

Movie review: Halloween Kills

by Cesar Cervantes , Social Media Manager November 8, 2021

On Oct.15,2021 director David Gordon Green finally released the long awaited sequel to the movie “Halloween (2018).” Supposedly the movie was originally going to come out in 2020 but after delays...

Political Identities of Students

Political Identities of Students

by Callie King, Photo Editor May 18, 2021

According to the poll, a majority of students do identify with a political party. The others who do not identify with a certain party are the independent beliefs.  There are many different political...

Range of Motion exercises

Health Occupations at L&C

by Eva Rogers, Layout Editor May 4, 2021

As a student in the Health Occupations program at Lewis and Clark, I am about to graduate from this program at the end of May. For students who are interested in the healthcare field after high school,...

More Ways of Streaming

More Ways of Streaming

by Danny Schneider, Poll Editor April 22, 2021

With all the improving technologies and all the down time people have had due to COVID, there have been a handful of new streaming services released these past few years. This year has been difficult for...

Last Level Character (Main Character of the Battle Pass)

New Fortnite Season

by Cadence Halliday, Staff Writer April 6, 2021

Epic Games is the creator of Fortnite. Fortnite is an open world battle royale video game that allows up to four players for squads. There is a creative game mode where players can build like Minecraft...

Saving Daylight Savings Time

Saving Daylight Savings Time

by Callie King, Photo Editor March 15, 2021

Daylight Savings Time is where we set the clocks forward one hour during the summer months, and back again in the fall. We have been using this since 1966 when The Uniform Time Act was established. There...

Fashion Comebacks HOT DANG!

Fashion Comebacks HOT DANG!

by Lilian Sasso, Calendar manager February 26, 2021

lulus Animal print: Animal prints have made a huge impact on fashion in 2020. This is the clothing and fashion style in which the clothing is made to resemble the pattern of the fur of an animal such...

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