Grad Take Over

Guidance Counselors have taken over the graduation responsibilities


by Victoria Reinbold, Social Media Manager

Guidance Counselors Sarah Scaturro and Julie Basler have taken over as the graduation coordinators for the 2023 class after Nick Saubers, the previous graduation coordinator, has taken a leave of absence for the rest of the year due to personal reasons. 

Although this process is new to Scaturro, Basler is semi-familiar with the graduation processes as she has helped coordinate graduation ceremonies for her previous schools, although they had smaller graduating classes. 

The counselors have many responsibilities around the end of the year as well.

“We are learning a new computer system and building the master schedule and doing schedules for next year and also doing graduation now,” said Scaturro.

Next year’s seniors are currently unsure of who is coordinating their graduation, however according to Basler she could see them taking this role on permanently. 

I wasn’t here for the beginning of the school year, so I’ll have to learn more about the beginning of the process, but once I know everything that we would be doing, I could see us taking the role on permanently said Basler. 

This year has been tricky for everyone involved in graduation, however one of the hardest challenges for the counselors was making sure they had everything set for the commencement ceremony. “Who we use for certain things like making sure that we have everything that’s supposed to like presenters, we have contacted the places where we order the programs, and all of those logistical things,” said Basler. 

The feelings of the guidance counselors seem to be very overwhelmed with all they have to do. “Stressed, but we’re going to make this happen and we’re going to be fine,” said Scaturro. 

Stressed, but we’re going to make this happen and we’re going to be fine

— Scaturro

As for the commencement ceremony, there will be one student speaker, along with the class president and vice president. The student speaker will be Trent Beskorovany, along with a performance from a small group of students from the band playing the Monsters Inc. theme song.