Senior Advice

Words of wisdom from the 2022 graduating class


Ria McGowen

Shane and Ryan just chillin’

by Ria McGowen, Online Editor

All good things must come to an end. With the end of the 2022 school year coming to an end seniors are scattering trying to figure out finalized plans for college, after school work force, and changed housing situations.

The memorable names and unforgettable faces of the senior class this year come with their own worries and their own peace with their school years spent as a Pirate.

The seniors of SCHS have their own words of wisdom after the years they’ve spent in the walls of the school and being a Pirate.

“It’s not that hard to do homework.

— Shane Bucher

Highlights of high school for Bucher included PE classes and ESports. “Most of my PE classes and the Lewis and Clark thing, (it) was like the best highlight of my high school career… Playing ESports my last year has been amazing.”

During Bucher’s ups and downs, he continued to “Just pushing through” and relied on his friends to keep school interesting. “All my friends are reliable and I can trust them. They’re real people.”

Working a little harder is something that is reflected on a lot.

“Keep having fun, but focus a little more on school.

— Jackson Chu

From being in the freshman class to his graduating year, Chu had very little he regretted. “I wouldn’t change very much. I think I lived my high school career pretty good, like I did everything I wanted to do.”

“Try new things, always do your homework, be on time, don’t procrastinate.

— Mia Oellerman

Having friends by her side truly made Oellerman’s high school experience. “Being with my friends, like when there were lows I had my friends by me, and they were there during the highs too.”

Upcoming freshmen should be aware that high school isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The people they will meet and the experiences they will have won’t always be positive ones.

“Don’t listen to the lies of other people.

— Ryan Funke

“Dont be so stupid all the time, like being annoying, getting in trouble.

— Elizabeth Brooksher

Even with the more difficult feelings that come during high school years there are highlights.

“Making history of being the first girl to ever score in a varsity game (was a high),” said Brooksher.

As we say goodbye to the graduating class of 2022 we make room for the new opportunities that come with the class of 2026.