Fastest Growing Sport

Coach Joseph Messina of the esports team is ready for the future of the team

by Cesar Cervantes, Social Media Manager

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During the beginning of the pandemic everything went to a sudden stop. This resulted in schools being canceled and clubs being cancelled as well. There was a rumor going around the school that there was going to be an esports team forming here at St. Charles High School with science teacher Joseph Messina being the coach for the upcoming team.

“We were supposed to have our first kickoff at the beginning of last year, and then COVID hit. Which then derailed everything,” Messina said.

Before COVID-19, esports was finally recognized as a sport by the The International Esports Federation (IESF) and not just a lazy hobby. When this news was announced Messina had a plan to make the team and present it to the head of activities, Corey Hahn.

“I would say that esports is the fastest growing sport in the nation right now and it’s crazy fast,” Hahn said.

Hahn wants students to be able to participate in a school event or sport they feel comfortable with.

“That’s the thing about it, when are we gonna get kids attached to the school and participate in giving a sense of school pride and things like that,” Hahn said.

The competitions they compete in are state-wide, they go against other schools around the state and try to be the best and prove they are the best. They can also win scholarships for colleges and use them in any colleges the students want to attend. MOSEF is actually the ones that approve the competitions; they are the ones that set up the whole esports scene at Missouri.

Missouri Scholastic esports Federation. And they’ve been wonderful, they’ve been wonderfully welcoming, and wonderfully helpful in terms of organizing and being flexible, especially since we’re a new program that we’re trying to get, effectively a bunch of processes,” Messina said.

The esports team competes on different days and also practices as well. Monday they have Varsity Overwatch strategy and Varsity Smash practice on that same day Varsity Smash competes. Tuesday they have JV Overwatch and JV Smash practice and later on the day JV Smash starts competing against another team from another school. Wednesday is the day where everyone meets up for a weekly meeting on what’s been happening with the team. Thursday the Overwatch team practices but they also have a game on the same day. Friday is an all-team training where Varsity trains JV on ways to improve.

Hahn and Messina are very excited for the future of esports and how it can change the lives of many kids here at St. Charles High School.

“It’s really cool honestly… I think he’s really into it and he wants to grow this team bigger and better, later on in the future,” Hahn said.