The Secrets Below

This world is falling apart, and Key Club is helping


Cadence Halliday

Trash next to a parking lot.

by Cadence Halliday, Staff Writer

Since 1970 we have been recycling, but it hasn’t yet made a huge difference. Key Club at St, Charles High School felt recycling needed to be taken in their own hands.

Key Club has made a stand at this school, and made sure that recycling was actually happening. They have made an impact like no other.

“Key Club started recycling because we realized that when our trash from our classrooms were taken out in the evening, they were just dumping all the trash into one trash bin, they weren’t separating recycling and trash,” Emily Ruseel the Key Club sponsor said. “So we decided that someone needed to take care of that because they didn’t have time to do that in the evening. This way our recycling is being recycled and not just put with the trash.”

A teacher at St Charles High watches over these mini environmentalists and gave us her reasoning for doing so. She believes they are an inspiration and that they are doing good and making an impact.

“I love recycling and helping out the school,” said Oliva Navarrete. “I’ve had a lot of churches help me and my family, so I wanna give back.”

Recycling means something to people. There is so much more to recycling then just getting rid of trash. 

Key Club knows that recycling is important and they feel it’ll change the world if people start recycling more.