New and improved Winter Formal

by Katrina Wilfong, Yearbook Conduit

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I think the name is super cute

— Ellie Gibbs

The new and improved name SnowCo strikes St. Charles High students with mixed emotions; some people really enjoy it and some still like calling it “Winter Formal.”

Sophomore Student Council member Hope Day isn’t a big fan of the new name for the upcoming dance. She wanted to keep it the same as years before. 

“I am hoping that the new name will grow on me later,” Day said. 

Day is thinking that people will enjoy the theme, because of the decor Student Council got and everything will be set up. She also thinks that people will like it because of the new name and how it’s going to be run this year. 

Junior Student Council Vice President of the executive board. Ellie Gibbs likes the new name of the dance, but she thinks it will be hard to get used to calling it SnowCo or Snowcoming instead of “Winter Formal.”

“I think the name is super cute,” Gibbs said. 

Everyone got an email about what they wanted to call the dance. The students voted on what it would be called, so she is hoping people will like it better. They changed the name based on the students’ suggestions. StuCo sent a survey out with one of the questions asking what they wanted the dance to be called. After sorting through the responses, they sent out another round and people in AIPs voted. It was a close vote, but ultimately the name chosen was  ‘Snowcoming/Snowco’.

Sophomore Student Council member Diane Wolf really likes the new name because it makes her feel like they are having a miniature Homecoming. A lot of people liked homecoming this year and had lots of fun. 

“I think people will really enjoy the theme this year,” Wolf said.

The new theme is very different from the ones in the past that students have been to. Everyone has seemed to like past themes, but StuCo believes this theme which is Winter Wonderland is good for the school year and maybe they will continue to keep the name.