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The changing of seasons has an effect on mood

Changing Seasons: How it affects our mood

Annie Hanks

Changing Seasons: How it affects our mood

by Annie Hanks, Content Manager

If you find yourself feeling down or having an extra pep in your step when the seasons change, it’s not just you. The change from summer to autumn and winter is very hard on a lot of people. In fact, many people struggle with seasonal depression during this change. 

“I definitely think that seasons impact someone’s mood. You can definitely see it when observing other people during different seasons. In the spring/summertime, people tend to be in a better mood, or at least, they seem happier. In the fall/wintertime, it’s the exact opposite. People tend to feel bored, stuck where they are, and depression tends to thrive during this time,” sophomore Krystal Roeper-Mokriakow said in an email.

However, 61.8 percent of students like the changing of seasons, with only 8.8 percent saying they don’t. 

It’s definitely affected my mood because I just get more moody and easily just angered by any little thing now, versus you know, when it’s summer and spring, I feel very happy and just energetic but right now I just feel really tired and moody all the time,” said sophomore Scarlett Seeger.

Even though the majority of students like the changing of seasons, they still seem to believe the changing of seasons impacts mood, either for better or for worse, with 52.9 percent of students saying that the seasons changing has a large impact on their mood.

For sophomore Nyla Frierson, the seasons changing impacts her personally for the worse. “A lot of people don’t like the cold weather, and they get really mad. For me, I get really mad because of my allergies, so I’m never in a good mood when it’s changing seasons.”


Q&A with SCHS’ students

Q: What does the changing of seasons make you feel?

: “The changing of seasons makes me happy usually, unless it’s the changing of the season to summer, because I dislike the heat.”

: “I love all the seasons, I think the weather and trees and everything is beautiful, the only thing that’s annoying is my allergies are so bad right now.”

: “I tend to get more…I believe the feeling is nostalgia. I love autumn, and seeing the beautiful change in the color of the trees brings back fond memories of riding my bike as a kid, and of fun times I had playing outside by myself.”

: “When it changes from cold to warm it’s great, but changing from nice and warm to terrible and cold and gloomy is BAD.”

: “I like summer into fall and winter into spring, but I absolutely despise winter, so fall into winter makes me sad and kind gloomy, but Christmas songs are a vibe.”

: “The shorter days make me feel like I am always in a rush to get things done.”

: “It makes me feel somewhat off. I have to adjust to temperature changes and sometime they’re drastic.”

: “I think it’s interesting to switch things up, but it can get annoying to not be able to wear what I like to.”

: “For me personally, changing seasons makes me feel different in many ways because my mood really can depend on the season.”

: “It makes me a little bummed because I like the summer for I can enjoy time outside doing stuff. I don’t mind it at first, it’s just when daylight savings time ends is when I get upset. Even though I get an extra hour of sleep, I still hate it because I like to do something outside when I am done with my homework but it gets darker than earlier so I have to just wait til the weekend or take a break from my homework to enjoy some time outside.”

: “When it gets cold, it can be hard to be positive. When it starts getting warmer I feel like I’m always in the mood to go do something.”