Big Shoes To Fill

Speech Therapist Allison Andre takes over for Kimberly Huelsing


Cesar Cervantes

Allison Andre is the new Speech Therapist

After the Speech Therapist Kimberly Huelsing moved to a new school,  Allison Andre  has taken her place as the new Speech Therapist at SCHS. 

Andre works with  kids that have struggles  with any form of speech and vocabulary. These  students  have a  speech plan with her.

 “You have to have a plan written in place and not just anybody, but I see about 45 students who have a language plan,” Andre said. 

Before  becoming a Speech Therapist  Andre was at a graduate school, St. Louis University. 

“I just graduated this May and yeah it was cool,”  Andre said.

 Before graduating from St. Louis University Andre was here before for her outplacement.

 “I was  with Miss Huelsing for my outplacement for 8 weeks, so I was in school still, but now I’m here,” Andre said.  She is very positive  for the future.

” I’m very excited too, what’s to come for me in the future!”

— Allison Andre