Social Media Usage

Has social media taken over our lives?

by Danny Schneider, Polls Coordinator

Social media has become relevant in all of our lives. Sometimes people don’t even realize how long they have been on social media apps like TikTok or Instagram. Media in general is important to us because it is our way of getting information about various things.

I think TikTok is so addicting because I start watching it thinking I’ll only be on it for 10 minutes but then I just get lost and suddenly an hour has gone by.

— Ava Rusbacky

I use snapchat the most because it is the quickest app to do things on and it is easy to stay in touch with my friends. I enjoy snapchat because it just helps me contact all of my friends and be in the know.

— Jack Walker

Typically I use Instagram because that is the platform I’m more familiar with and have found more artists to follow on. I also like that they can have multiple pictures so I can see closeups, videos, and work in progress pictures too. It’s also easier for me to leave comments and share art I really like on my story.

— Alaina Gerdemann


Discord allows me to freely communicate with not only my friends from school, but through Discord I can stay in touch with old friends, talk to current groups of people, find new online people to talk to from specific fan communities, and everything is super secure. You also have the option to voice-call someone, or video-call them, or even show them your device’s screen during a call. All of these features and more can be experienced between two people privately, or by a group of people publicly.

— Gwydion Haney