From Center Stage to the Center of the Classroom

New Gifted English teacher has had a long career


by Hamda Hamed, Staff Writer

After 23 years of teaching, Matthew Lenger continues his career at St. Charles High School for the first time.  

He started off his career in education as a long term substitute in the Francis Howell School district before becoming a teacher. 

“Out of the 180 school days, I believe I taught 160 of them. I did History, Drama, Vocal Music, everything.” 

Lenger has a history of teaching many subjects. For the Francis Howell district, he was a drama teacher for six years, a history teacher for six years and a summer school principal/teacher. He then moved to the St. Charles school district and became assistant principal at Hardin Middle School for four years.

“I just really didn’t like being assistant principal so I went back into the classroom and became an English teacher for one year.”

“I have always known I wanted to be a teacher, no matter the subject.”

— Matthew Lenger

Lenger attended many different colleges. His original degree, theater education, is from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He then went to University of Wisconsin for a year. 

“When I got back to St. Louis, I went to a bunch of places to get certification classes. I went to community colleges, I went to UMSL, St. Louis University, Flo Valley Community College and other places.” 

In his free time, Lenger likes gaming with his friends and participating in Renaissance festivals. At the Renaissance festivals he performs with the band, plays the Irish hand drum and does stage combat. 

“When I was 11-12 years old Star Wars and Dungeon & Dragons were at their height so I think it’s safe to say I’m a Science Fiction geek.” 

Lenger graduated from St. Charles High in 1987. 

“Wandering around the building, it’s always interesting to me, it’s completely redesigned. Theres still classrooms I walk past and say I sat in that classroom. All the memories come back.”