In Between The Lines

SCHS student artist stars in local art exhibition


by Corey Metz, Staff Writer

Cooper Herweck is quite a bit further than most 16-year-olds. He’s been creating and selling art online and locally since seventh grade, the highest price he’s achieved being $500. Recently his art was featured in an art show at Picasso’s Coffee Shop on Nov. 2.

“I enjoy having my art sold so that people can see it; it’s fun. I can get a lot of criticism and whatnot from people, and that’s always pretty fun,” said Cooper.

Cooper’s art is renowned through his peers, so much so that students and teachers alike visited the showing to chat about his accomplishments, check out his art, and drink coffee.

“Dude, I think it’s awesome. I’m so proud of him, and his art’s amazing, and I’m glad that he’s finally getting the recognition from, you know, people who are more than just what you see at school… it’s parents, and like, his pediatrician, and it’s like, a bunch of awesome people who get to recognize that hey, this kid is doing something great,” said sophomore Legend Chapman on the achievements of his classmate.

The art show ended up earning over $1,000 for Cooper through the selling of his art. His family talked with guests at the exhibition about his journey.

“I think it’s insane. Like, I’m so proud of him- it’s weird because he’ll knock on my door, super late at night, and he’ll be like, ‘oh, look what I made!’ and it’s crazy because now it’s selling at Picasso’s or it’s sold. And he’s come such a long way, and I’m beyond proud,” said Cooper’s older sister, Claira Herweck.

Cooper does commissions mainly locally, but sells prints of his art on apparel in an online store as well. He doesn’t mind wherever his art goes, though; the only thing that matters to him is how it helps people.

“I don’t really care, I just want to make people happy. As long as something happens, I’ll be fine.”