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All The Right Moves

Varsity Danceline hits the competition circuit

The Danceline team has been working hard this season in order to show off their talent. They competed at the Wentzville Holt Regional Invitational on Jan. 6 and the Fort Zumwalt North Dance Competition on Feb. 20. They placed fourth at Holt and second at Fort Zumwalt North for their precision jazz routine.

“I think we’ve put a lot of effort into our routine, and were able to improve a lot in between competitions,” senior Luci Wulff said.

There have been improvements made across the team in order to become more successful. Movements of dancers have become more fluid and they have been working on skills that they previously weren’t as confident in. Due to their hard work to reach their goals, they have been able to complete complex turn combinations and other skills that they previously weren’t able to do.

“Our competition team has gotten better… I think if the team keeps working on cleaning and getting sharper, we’ll do even better in the future,” senior Piper Ruebling said.

Danceline places in competition (Mackenzie Bufford)

Despite the competition season having ended, the team is still working on completing the team’s goals as well as their own personal goals. Not only does practice help returning dancers for the next year, but it also helps seniors prepare and improve their skills for college auditions.

“By the end of the season, I want to be prepared for my college auditions,” senior Ellie Gibbs said.

Our competition season has ended, so I’m just hoping to help lead next year’s team and encourage more people to try out in the spring

— Luci Wulff

On top of dancing at competitions, they also dance at sports games. Danceline works to entertain the audience with their intricate dances that gets the crowd riled up.

“We’ve improved more on dancing as one unit and really dancing through moves and not just doing them,” Wulff said.

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