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Emma Langstadt
Emma Langstadt
Staff Writer

Emma Langstadt is a freshman at St. Charles High. This is her first year on the newspaper staff after she was in Journalism during first semester. She is a Student Council class officer and is also participating...

Shaunessy McGowen
Shaunessy McGowen
Social Media Co-Manager

Shaunessy (Shaun) McGowen is a senior at St. Charles High School. Shaun spends most of her time listening to music and you can most likely catch her with a pair of earphones. She does crew in Theatre every...

Lana Usery
Lana Usery
Social Media Manager

Lana Usery is a sophomore at St. Charles High School, and this is her first year on the newspaper staff. She loves reading, writing, and listening to music. She is currently on the Danceline, FBLA and...

The Film Behind the Slaughter

The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie premiered on Oct. 27. Is it good, is it bad, is it in the middle?
Five Night’s at Freddy’s

The Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, or FNAF, has been in Gen Z’s lives for as long as they can remember since it came out in 2014. The horror game brings back fond memories of childhood and offers a happy nostalgia for its fans. That is why it’s no surprise that the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie was incredibly anticipated by old and new fans alike, and why its release either disappointed or satisfied said fans. 

When FNAF was released in 2014, many SCHS students were children, and therefore a large number of them played and enjoyed the series. This nostalgia has crossed over into their teenage years as the FNAF movie released, causing some strong and excited opinions on the movie. 

How did the movie live up to expectations?

“I liked it a lot, but my expectations were higher… I thought it was going to be better, but it was a good movie,” FNAF fan junior Melissa Prichard said. 

“It was a masterpiece I think, it just had so many deep parts that connected to the lore, it was just so magnificent,” FNAF fan junior Maddox Leonard said. 

“I think I set my expectations too high, I would’ve liked the movie to be more accurate…the story, I didn’t like it,” FNAF fan senior Julia Villa said. 

The best part of the movie was…

“I really liked the part where Freddy Fazbear did the jumpscare, it was really good,” Leonard said. 

“I loved Matthew Lillard and I loved Josh Hutcherson,” Villa said. 

What about the movie could’ve been changed?

“More Freddy Fazbear and Golden Freddy,” Leonard said. 

“I wish the animatronics didn’t have red eyes, that was weird,” Villa said.

What about the possible Five Nights at Freddy’s sequel? 

“I just don’t think it’d be as good as the first movie,” Prichard said. 

“I hope they pay attention to the reviews and make it better, I hope they do a lot of things better,” Villa said. 

Is the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie accurate to the game? 

“It was, I think so. It had parts that I was a little confused by, but I also haven’t played every game, so that could be why,” Prichard said.

“I wish it went with the games,” Villa said. 

Was it actually scary, or was it funny? 

“I think it was more comedy than horror, there were a couple parts that were a little scary but not too much,” Prichard said. 

“I think it could’ve been more harshly rated like R, it could’ve been more gruesome,” Villa said. 

Everyone’s favorite actors? 

Melissa Prichard enjoyed the acting of Elizabeth Lail, the actress who played Vanessa, the most out of anyone in the movie. 

Maddox Leonard enjoyed the acting of Piper Rubio, the child actress who played Abigail, the most out of anyone in the movie. 

Julia Villa enjoyed the acting of Matthew Lillard, the actor who played William Afton, the most out of anyone in the movie. 

Of course, the Newspaper staff is also excited to share their opinions on the film. Melanie Mota-Luis, Shaunessy McGowen and I will share our thoughts on the movie in a five minute long video, edited by Shaunessy McGowen with love and care.

Shaunessy McGowen


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