Don’t Sweat The Little Things

Nik Pugh was only in fifth grade when he started losing hair


Nik Pugh has battled alopecia.

by Blake Wiggs, Staff Writer

Nik Pugh was in fifth grade when he first got his alopecia. The alopecia was messing with his social skills and confidence. It was a confusing time for Pugh, but he was just trying to get through it.

“I was just confused at first because we didn’t know what was happening,” Pugh said. 

Even though Pugh was confused and worried about how kids were going to treat him, his family and close friends helped him through this.

“Yeah, my family and friends were all really supportive. They would tell me not to worry about it and that I’ll get through it,” Pugh said. 

People going through the same thing as Pugh should just stay strong and block out the bullies.

“They just need to stay strong and for the people that do mess with them just ignore them, and your close friends will help,” Pugh said.