Ben Steinhauer

Freshman competed in America Ninja Warrior Junior


Karlie Thoenen

Ben Steinhauer hanging on an basketball hoop in the gym

by Karlie Thoenen, Staff Writer

Freshman Ben Steinhauer was 13 when he ran on American Ninja Warrior Junior.

 “It was a one of a kind experience,” Steinhauer said.

Steinhauer trained for about three years before competing in the summer of 2018.

 “On the first day, I woke up at about 6 a.m. to go to Korea town, the backlot of Korea town. I waited about five hours before I got to run the first time,” Steinhauer said. “The first turn was kinda nerfed.  I mean by that the competitor that ran against me fell early. So I continued going, I showed my raw athletic ability.”

Steinhauer’s favorite part of the whole experience was the free vacation to Los Angeles, Ca., and going to Venice Beach.

When asked how it felt when he won his round of America Ninja Warrior Junior,  Steinhauer described it as exhilarating although terrifying because the first day was surreal whereas the second day was more clear.

 Steinhauer plans on continuing within the ninja world.