Homecoming Assembly

by Jay Frey, Reference Manager

Homecoming happened on Sept. 21, 2019, with the the assembly happening on Sept. 20, 2019, during the school day.

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  • The SCHS cheerleaders perform at the 2019 Homecoming Assembly.

  • SCHS Madrigal Choir sings the National Anthem at the Homecoming Assembly.

  • SCHS varsity dance line performs at the 2019 Homecoming Assembly

  • SCHS students, staff and family watching the festivities happening on the floor.

  • History teacher Mike Freeman passes the free homecoming tickets to one of the many ticket winners.

  • Grand Marshal Charlie Meeker speaks to the students at the Homecoming Assembly.

  • The homecoming court plays musical chairs.

  • The homecoming court tries to slide an Oreo cookie from their forehead to mouth without using their hands.

  • Juniors Jayden Powers and Joe Kohrs pop balloons in a homecoming court game

  • Seniors celebrate winning the class chant that occurred when concluding the assembly.

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