Saving Daylight Savings Time

Saving Daylight Savings Time

Reasons as to why we should keep Daylight Savings
by Callie King, Photo Editor March 15, 2021

Daylight Savings Time is where we set the clocks forward one hour during the summer months, and back again in the fall. We have been using this since 1966 when The Uniform Time Act was established. There...

Getting to Know the White House Occupants

Getting to Know the White House Occupants

by Callie King, Photo Editor March 9, 2021

Joe Biden  Born November 20th, 1942 Married to Neilia Hunter Biden from 1966-1972 with whom he had three children: Naomi Christina Biden, Hunter Biden and Beau Biden. His second wife Jill Biden...

Changes to Graduation Requirements

Changes to Graduation Requirements

The Board of Education has approved these changes to our requirements for graduation for the students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
by Callie King, Photo Editor February 24, 2021

The Alternative Education Committee and the Board of Education recently made changes to the previous graduation requirements to support students who have felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The graduation...

Xavier Ingram(12) says

Creative Christmas

Teachers and students of Saint Charles High show their festive decor
by Callie King, Photo Editor January 8, 2021

These photos were taken by students and staff of Saint Charles High of their decorated homes. With the Corona virus still on going, these festive decorations help to bring a little happiness into this...

Aniyah Hamel running the register at her job.

Dealing with COVID in the workplace

How the Coronavirus has affected work environments for students
by Callie King, Photo Editor November 30, 2020

COVID-19 has affected different aspects of each of our lives. Many jobs were affected and many things have changed from how they were before. It is something new that everyone is getting used to.  For...

Upshot Coffee Brake Shop Review

Upshot Coffee Brake Shop Review

New coffee shop located near Saint Charles High
by Callie King, Photo Editor October 26, 2020

Upshot Coffee Brake Shop is located at 816 N Kingshighway St, which is very close to St. Charles High.  It is a very convenient location for doing homework after school or just getting a cup of coffee. ...

Treble Choir practicing their songs

Starting on a Different Note

Music classes learn to work around COVID complications
by Callie King, Photo Editor September 28, 2020

Our music classes usually are full of sound with either people singing or loud music filling the halls. With COVID it makes the music classes even more difficult than before.  Teachers and students around...

Andrea Irizarry working in her corner desk to make the schedules.

Stressful Scheduling

Andrea Irizarry works to keep up with the always changing activities schedule
by Callie King, Photo Editor September 18, 2020

Andrea Irizarry is the new activities secretary here at St. Charles High. With all of the changes due to COVID, it makes her job even more challenging than usual to reschedule all of the buses and games....

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