Creative Christmas

Teachers and students of Saint Charles High show their festive decor

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  • Aniyah Hamel(12) says, “we don’t usually put of decorations because we are more quiet about our house but our new neighbor insisted we put up decorations with her so we did and it was fun.”

  • Xavier Ingram(12) says “we usually have festive decor, its always been part of our family tradition and each year we find something new and even more festive to put up on display.”

  • Libby McClanahan Hluzek(12) says “my parents are old and can’t put up lights this year so I did it.”

  • Mr. Gebhard says “I skipped the lights requiring the ladder as I was recovering from COVID at the time and didn’t feel up to it…but something went up.”

  • Abigail Moore(12)

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by Callie King, Photo Editor

These photos were taken by students and staff of Saint Charles High of their decorated homes. With the Corona virus still on going, these festive decorations help to bring a little happiness into this stressful and hard time.

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