Award Winning Teacher

Abigail Birhanu is an art teacher at our school and is moving on to a new school


by Callie King, Photo Editor

Birhanu has recently won St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s April Teacher of the Month. COVID-19 has had many negative impacts on school and has made it difficult for teachers to have engaging students. Helping her students feel noticed and seen is an important part of what Abigail calls her relational teaching style. “Teenagers already feel invisible,” she said. “They need to feel invested in the teacher before they will feel invested in the content.” Brihanu also hopes when they leave her class, they will recognize how to see and notice perspectives outside their own. Having an educator who understands the struggles we are currently facing is great for the fellow students. Birhanu said this about her win “I was honestly shocked,” even though she definitely deserved it. As part of her award, she received a $250 gift card from Elco Chevrolet and a flower arrangement from Walter Knoll Florist. 

This is not the first award Birhanu has received. In 2010 she was also named a teacher of the year by the Saint Louis Post Dispatch. Mrs. Birhanu has been an amazing teacher and addition to our school. 


Birhanu says her favorite thing about her time at our school is ¨the students and staff, even though it sounds cliche answer, but i really feel like this is home, very connected to the kids who come through and the staff, it has been a very positive experience.¨ 

Birhanu will be continuing her teaching next year at Clayton Middle School. Our school is so lucky to have had her as a teacher and she will be missed.