NHS Tutoring in the Library

The Students of the National Honor Society is helping fellow students who need extra help in different subjects

NHS Tutoring in the Library

by Callie King, Photo Editor


The National Honors Society has been recognized nationally as one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a high school student. The NHS students work to continue to demonstrate the outstanding qualities of leadership, character, scholarship, and service which brought about the student’s selection.

Jane Mulitsch works in the library where the tutoring takes place.

¨We started tutoring in the library during AIP this week for any student who is interested.  In the past, we have just used it for freshmen,  but since we are at the end of the year, it is open for anyone who needs help,¨ Mulitsch said.  

The NHS tutors choose what subject they excel in and then are paired with someone needing help in that area. Jack Walker is a member of NHS and tutors in Communication Arts, IT and Drama. 

¨I tutor to help out students and meet different people,¨Walker said. The NHS students are here to help you. If you need or would like tutoring you are encouraged to contact your counselor.