Dealing with COVID in the workplace

How the Coronavirus has affected work environments for students


Callie King

Aniyah Hamel running the register at her job.

by Callie King, Photo Editor

COVID-19 has affected different aspects of each of our lives. Many jobs were affected and many things have changed from how they were before. It is something new that everyone is getting used to. 

For senior Aniyah Hamel COVID has changed her work environment in a positive and negative way. Hamel works at Subway and has for a few years now. 

“We have better precautions but everything is still the same. I hate that our sign says masks are recommended and not required,” she said.

 Since the county is not mandating masks, stores do not have to require people to wear a mask. 

“It’s stressful that people are not being cautious of others, people would come in coughing without a mask or would complain about wearing one,” Hamel said. 

 Being an employee during this time is hard but most places are handling it as well as possible. “I think we’re handling things well, they’re constantly cleaning and making sure things are up to regulations.” Hamel said.

With the holiday season coming up it can be very stressful for Main Street workers. For Cassidy Blanke who works at Riverside Sweets things haven’t changed a lot. 

“The main difference is just gloves and masks and we wipe everything down more often,” Blanke said.

Many people feel differently about having to wear masks. It is hard to make everyone happy but others’ health is more important than possibly contracting the virus.

“We have a mandatory mask rule. Customers wouldn’t follow it and would sometimes get snappy and it was annoying,” said Blanke.

  It is very stressful working in the holiday season let alone while a pandemic is happening. Worrying about being exposed is a constant stressor. Everyone is handling the situation differently.

 “I think we’re handling it alright so far but Christmas is going to be difficult with the crowds,” Blanke said. 

 With so many people being around it is hard to not be stressed and anxious about contracting the virus. 

For sit down restaurants it’s harder to have precautions when people are constantly coming in and out without their masks. For Madalynn Turner who works at Cracker Barrel it is more stressful.

 “It changed because we only allow a certain amount of people to sit down and eat at a time so we’re still busy close to closing times on the weekends.”

 While the precautions are similar to other restaurants and shopping places it is easier to contract it when there are constantly people not wearing a mask because they are eating. Most places are doing a great job with handling this situation. 

“I think we’re doing good, all employees wear masks and we clean everything that we leave on tables every time a new family sits to eat,” Turner said.