Experiencing COVID-19

Experiencing COVID-19

by Caroline Gooch, Online Editor

The Coronavirus has affected  over 90 million people worldwide. With the widespread nature of this pandemic, it is likely that everyone knows at least one person who has had COVID-19. For the people who have not yet had it there are many questions, one of the biggest being “What is it like?” 

Grace Tovar, a teacher at St.Charles High has had the Coronavirus. COVID-19 has an array of strange side effects that affect each person differently. 

The worst physical side effect for me was difficulty breathing. It can be difficult to do anything when you are having a hard time catching your breath.

— Grace Tovar, Teacher at St.Charles High

Along with physical side effects, many people are experiencing a decline in mental health due to the isolation of quarantine. 

I do think being in quarantine for a long time can be difficult for your mental health. I was lucky to have supportive friends and family who communicated with me virtually, so I was okay,” Tovar said.

One aspect of COVID-19 that is different from many other viruses is the long-term effects it can have on your health..

One lasting impact that I still notice occasionally is my sense of taste. Certain foods do not taste the same as they did before I had COVID,” said Tovar. 

Senior Paige Freeman also has experienced COVID-19. Freeman experienced several different side effects.

I just had a cough and sore throat, but I was really tired.”

Freeman luckily did not experience any negative effects on her mental health.

I just couldn’t leave my house, but I don’t leave my house really in the first place.”

Freeman has yet to observe any lasting effects of having the virus.

Not that I can tell, but I just had it over winter break so I can’t really tell because I’m still getting over it.”

Dean Chapman, a junior at St. Charles High, has also had COVID-19. Chapman experienced some of the more unique side effects of the 


I lost my sense of taste and smell! It’s like I could only feel my food in my mouth, like you’re tasting in texture.”

Because of the taboo that comes along with having COVID-19, it can often make people feel ostracized. 

Though I’m pretty used to being alone, quarantine did suck because I couldn’t leave my room without a mask, had parents always nagging to clean after myself because of spreading germs. Being in quarantine belittled me, I felt like I was the virus, not myself anymore,” Chapman explained. 

Chapman was fortunate to not experience any lasting side effects.

The only two symptoms I had was congestion and losing those senses, which I got back within a month.”