New Captains in the Seat of Leadership

Allie Taschner and Ian Suhor become the new Overwatch and Smash captains


by Colton Schroer, Content Manager

The Esports team is back at it again with new overseers of the Overwatch and Smash teams: Allie Taschner and Ian Suhor.

Coaching the team is fun and getting to work with everyone is a cool experience.”

— Ian Suhor

“Picking the new captain for Smash was a difficult decision knowing everyone was new, so we decided to pick Ian. Picking Allie was a little easier because she was a captain last year for Overwatch,” Assistant Varsity Esports coach Tori Ramsey said.

While being a captain can be fun, it takes many skills to grasp a victory. 

Overwatch Captain Allie Taschner (Colton Schroer)

“Last year I was captain and so it was easier to jump back into things. I have to make sure everyone is situated and comfortable. There are many responsibilities taking the role of captain,” Overwatch Captain Allie Taschner said. 

On the other side of the table, Ian Suhor is working hard with his team to smash the competition.

Smash Captain Ian Suhor (Colton Schroer)

“Coaching the team is fun and getting to work with everyone is a cool experience. I was picked for the role because I am able to communicate with my teammates and give directions, with them being received well,” Smash Captain Ian Suhor said.