Soccer Season Success

There are high hopes for varsity girls soccer this season after their state game last season

Marissa Horn


The 2021 varsity soccer team after winning second in the state championship.

by Waverly Boock, Copy Editor

The girls soccer team this year has high goals and expectations for themselves. Last year the varsity team went to State, and came back home winning second overall. Many of the girls who went to State last year are on the team this year as seniors. 

“I kinda feel like we have a reputation to uphold, ” senior Sally Werth said. “So I feel like I kinda have to deliver.” 

The team has many goals they want to accomplish together. One of them being, to get to State once again, and bring home the State title.  

“[We want] to be competitive and successful and support one another on and off the field,” Werth said.

The girls this year are strong, and getting stronger as the season goes by, returning players and newcomers alike. 

“We all work very hard, and do a lot for each other,” senior Olivia Lewis said. “I think we’re even better than [we were] last year.” 

The team has higher expectations, goals, and higher hopes this year. To make themselves a better functioning team, and to of course, win the State championship.