New Face New Wrestler

Boys wrestling team gained an extra teammate

Levi Perry-South at State Championship


Levi Perry-South at State Championship

by Cadence Halliday, Staff Writer

A new face is roaming the halls at St. Charles High School. His name is Levi Perry-South, a student who moved from Oklahoma in his second to last year of high school. But the one thing that makes him significant is he joined the wrestling team in the middle of the season.

“I have moved in from Oklahoma,” South said. “I moved because of family reasons.”

South is a new face, new story and new mystery. Levi grew up surrounded by sports, for example; baseball, wrestling (60-80 wins and only 2 losses in his lifetime) and football. Joining the team took some hard work.

“It took a lot of talking back and forth between the schools and the coaches,” South said. “I managed to get in after a month.”

Not only does Levi Perry-South wrestle but he goes fishing and hunting. 

“I have three dogs and a bearded dragon named Ardy, Max, Ralphy and Angel,” South said.

He is an animal lover and does side jobs in his free time like shoveling snow for extra money. During his first match here he got elbowed in the hand and ended up with a concussion. Therefore he couldn’t practice until he was all clear.

“As of right now meeting new people, not really anything bad happened other than the concussion, I like it here,” South said. 

Levi Perry-South also made an impression on head coach Kevin Dill. 

“He’s a great addition to the team,” Dill said. “He works hard, he gets along really well with the other kids and he’s just an overall really good kid. He helps bring up the intensity in the room.”

Dill said that South knows what he is doing, always coachable and is always ready to learn. Dill is proud to have South on his team.

“I think him wrestling his whole life and chasing the state championship is what inspires him,” Dill said.

The girls wrestling team is also inspired by him. A new student, a new wrestler and a new friendly face.

“He’s actually a pretty cool person, good wrestler, hard working, makes the team fun,” junior girl wrestler Heather Simon said.

Not only is he a good wrestler, but he’s also a good friend at heart. He helps the team all he can and is friendly to strangers, even if they are his other opponent. 

“He gets along with everybody,” Simon said. “I think he’s a good wrestler because he’s going to state.”

Simon was not wrong, Levi Perry-South ended up going to state and getting sixth place during the meet.