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The student news source of St. Charles High School


The student news source of St. Charles High School


The student news source of St. Charles High School


Shane and Ryan just chillin

Senior Advice

by Ria McGowen, Online Editor May 19, 2022

All good things must come to an end. With the end of the 2022 school year coming to an end seniors are scattering trying to figure out finalized plans for college, after school work force, and changed...

Moses Brown shows his love for Star Wars

The modifications of SCHS

by Ria McGowen, Online Editor April 25, 2022

Body modifications are becoming more and more popular with SCHS students. A rising number of students have appearing steel and ink in their bodies each with personal meaning. A popular face with an...

DECA: State Competition

DECA: State Competition

by Ria McGowen, Online Editor March 31, 2022

DECA state competition was held March 12-15 in Kansas City Missouri. SCHS students David Romer, Luc Bourgeade, Katie Black, Ashira Ransom, Macey Hill, Amour Riley, Mariyah Smith, Jonni Rayburn, Lily...

Danceline wins 3rd place in the Farmington dance invitational

Danceline and the Farmington dance invitational

by Ria McGowen February 25, 2022

On Jan. 29 Danceline was given a very exciting opportunity. Elisa Hasper, Ellie Gibbs, Ginessa Fields, Lillian Iverson, Lucinda Wulff, Marissa Sipe, Yzabella Schultze, and Piper Ruebling were participants...

Spider-Man: No Way Home Official Art

Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

January 10, 2022

December 17, 2021. was a very impactful day for Marvel fans. The third Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland hit theaters. With a 148 minute runtime, the movie is incredibly engaging. The beginning...

The Secret to Happiness

The Secret to Happiness

by Ria McGowen, Online Editor November 29, 2021

Happiness and health are one in the same. Sometimes people can falter in health if they're not happy. Seasonal affective disorder, or seasonal depression is the best example of that. With the shorter...

Halloween Makeup

by Ria McGowen, Online Editor October 26, 2021

General reminder!! Remember to patch test any new materials you plan on using! Materials needed Purple/red paint Purple/yellow/blue shades Fake blood Scab blood Foundation Spirit gum/remover ...

Its not a furry thing

COVID vs. Mental Wellbeing

by Ria McGowen, Online Editor October 4, 2021

Many things came from the mass spread of COVID-19 all across the world. Time spent at home has had lasting effects on students, teachers, and people as a whole. Quarantine was individualized for everyone.  “I...

A bright smile from a bright new teacher

The Skye Is the Limit

by Ria McGowen, Online Editor September 22, 2021

Many of the in-person bodies this 2021-2022 school year are new to the St. Charles High building. Not just the freshman, or the sophomores, but a handful of teachers as well. Although COVID-19 was the...

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