Halloween Makeup

Try something new for the 2021 spooky season!

Maddox Meier

by Ria McGowen, Online Editor

General reminder!! Remember to patch test any new materials you plan on using!

Materials needed

  1. Pick a medium to work with.

We used gelatin so there is a little more preparation necessary. The goal is to get 1:1:1.5 of the materials needed to make the gelatin. Take 1 part unflavored gelatin, 1 part glycerin, and 1.5 part of water in a microwave safe container. Mix with a Popsicle stick and microwave for NO LONGER than 8 seconds. Depending on how much you make, it could take multiple microwave rounds. The goal is to melt the ingredients together and not cook it. To help for blending later you can add a few drops of liquid foundation in as well.

  1. Sketch on the body where you want the fake wound to be with a brown/white eyeliner pencil (avoiding liquid eyeliner works best)
  2. If you are trying to wear this more long term, consider applying spirit gum where you’re about to place the gelatin. Make sure you have a remover handy.
  3. Once the SFX gelatin is liquefied you’ll want to give it a moment to cool off. You can speed up the cooling process by mixing the gel around but the more you mess with it the more it’ll cool and once it gums up it won’t be pliable. When the gelatin is cool enough that you won’t burn yourself you can start to apply it to the body. The goal is to build a sort of wall along the pencil lines and smooth down the edges as best you can. Avoid eyes and mouth area.
  4. If you decided to skip spirit gum but still are trying to wear the piece for multiple hours consider coating what you’ve placed with liquid latex.
  5. Once the gelatin is no longer liquid, cover your work with a setting powder. You can use baby power, translucent powder, or a color that matches your skin tone. This will remove any major shine and make sure that you have a dry surface to begin coloring.
  6. Start coloring the inside of your wound, or along where you placed the eyeliner. Start with a red color, crème paint will work best.
  7. Once the red is placed you can go in with a darker shade, a purple or (very little) black. The darker the wound the more old it will appear.
  8. Take purples and yellows and tap around the wound to act as bruising. As little or much as you want.
  9. Fill in the middle of the wound with a little scab blood. Enough to cover the red but not enough to coat the color.
  10. Finally, if you want a little more blood, take a toothbrush and flick fake blood along the wound and slightly cover the face.

When removing spirit gum make sure you use a remover.

When removing color that doesn’t want to come off try using Vaseline.

When removing gelatin, it should just come off if it doesn’t have anything sticking it down. It doesn’t stick because you produce oil/sweat and it makes the surface impossible to stay attached to.

Your skin might stain depending on what paints you use and how fair your skin is.

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