Don’t Mock Me

Government class puts on a mock election

by Julia Scofield, Managing Editor

Presidential elections have always sparked controversy across the United States, however this year’s election has everyone especially riled up. On Tuesday, Nov. 8, while thousands of Americans voted for their preferred candidate, SCHS had their own mock election.

“We had a mock election in our room before the actual election,” Government instructor Katie Kilker said. “Then we went and did it for the school.”

In the lower commons, students could vote for who they would want for president even if they were not old enough to vote. Over 280 student voted for their preferred candidate throughout all four lunches.

“After third lunch Hillary was winning by quite a bit,” Kilker said. “Then in fourth lunch Trump got 44 votes and Hillary only got 18.”

In the mock election, Trump won with 44 percent of the student body vote and Clinton behind him with 39 percent of the vote. Whereas in the actual presidential election Trump won with 47.1% of the vote and 290 electoral votes and Clinton lost with 47.9% of the vote and 232 electoral votes.

“We were in the middle of an election unit in my government class,” Kilker said. “I wanted them to see if St. Charles High was the same as our area.”