Spatial Delivery: Galley Continues Tradition of Selling Valentine-grams


Alec Gray

Senior Dustin Lykins hands his money to senior Alec Cosher to secure his Valentine-gram order.

by Alec Gray, Staff Writer

Beginning in February the Galley began selling Valentine-grams at a desk outside the lunch room entrance. Students had a variety of candies to choose from for $1 and had the option of an added Valentine’s Day themed balloon for $2.

“This is our third year doing Valentine’s Grams,” Judy Simmons, director of the Galley, said. “People can send them to boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, teachers, and even themselves. I’m personally going to send one to myself.”

Students can add a message for free as well, as long as they are “school appropriate.”

“I like it a lot,” senior and Galley employee Brooke Swope said, “we can actually have the candy and sell it.”

Last year’s new lunch regulations prevented the school and therefore the Galley from selling candy and other foods during school hours. However, this year the Galley found a solution.

“We have to submit a fundraiser form every day we sell something that is not allowed due to regulations,” Judy Simmons said.

Being that Valentine’s Grams are a fundraiser for the Galley, the forms are approved and the school is allowed to sell the Grams with candy for the approved days.
“I bought candy and a balloon for all of my friends,” senior Cassiana Buehler said, “I think they’re a good way to show your friends you care about them.”