Skateparks In Your Local Area

A short look around at parks designed for skateboards, scooters, and bikes in the St. Charles/St. Louis County area.

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Skateboarding in St. Charles can be a difficult task. With the activity outlawed on both Main and 2nd Street, there isn’t much room for the street skaters of the world to explore. Throughout St. Charles and St. Louis County area there are only a few main skateparks to explore for those who decide to shred their way through life.

The closest to our school is off of Elm Point Rd. Without a formal name from the city it is simply known as Elm Skatepark. A hidden DIY skatepark exists right off of First Capitol hidden in some woods across from the QuikTrip.

“Elm is my favorite, there’s lots of barriers and you can move things around easily,” sophomore Trenton Neth said. “The younger community isn’t so great, but older people are always available to help you out and be friendly.”

In O’Fallon there are two main skateparks. One off of exit 219 of Interstate 70 West called Paul A. Westhoff Skatepark and then Youth Activity Park which has multiple sectional skatepark pieces as well as an indoor play facility.

“Westhoff features things for not only advanced skaters like the tombstone,” senior Kyle Baur said “but it also has stuff for new skaters, because of that it can get annoying since there are many little kids.”

Wentzville features a large and abundant skatepark known as White Birch with the most impressively sized half pipe in the St. Louis County area.