ACT Wrap Up

St. Charles High students give their opinion on the latest ACT test

ACT Wrap Up

The ACT is one of the most important standardized test for every high school student planning on going to college. There is typically an ACT every two months, and juniors and seniors usually start taking this test more seriously.

The ACT can be very difficult for some students, but for others it’s a breeze. There was a ACT this Sept. 22 at St. Charles High School. A handful of SC students took this test. About half of the students believed that the test was difficult, and the other half felt that it was one of the easier tests they have taken.

The ACT covers four main sections, and they can all be difficult. Most students felt that the math section was the hardest. The majority of students also believed that the English section was the easiest for them.

The next ACT will be held Dec. 10, and the deadline to sign up is Nov. 4.