The Next Step In A Long Journey

St. Charles High seniors prepare for their post-graduation plans

by Reid Bayliss, Staff Writer

Four years seems to many to either go past one day at a time or in a blink of an eye. Many seniors have already decided on what they’re going to do after high school. Some will use their two free years of community college through the A+ Program at colleges like UMSL and SCC. Others have made bigger plans to go to a major university like Mizzou or Missouri State.

Senior Breanne Martin has narrowed down her future colleges to the University of Missouri and Truman State. Since she’s in the A+ Program, she gets $500 deducted from her tuition per semester.

“Both are very good schools and I like both of their campuses,” Martin said.

Senior Amanda Alsup decided on her college early as she got accepted into nursing school at Maryville University. She plans on spending all four years there and playing intramural volleyball. Alsup is also sharing a dorm with fellow seniors Nicole Barteau and Shelby Arnold.

Another senior on the fence about his future college is Jaylin Williams. A definition of a student athlete, Williams is unsure whether to go play football in college or focus entirely on his education. He’s stuck between Iowa State University, and to play football possibly at Western Illinois or Missouri S&T in Rolla.

“[I like] the campus, diversity and academics,” Williams said.

Senior Ashley Richardson has the possibility of not only leaving town or Missouri, but the country. She is interested in traveling to Korea to study at Scov Nation University for accounting or business.

“I want to go out and learn another language to broaden my view on the world,” Richardson said.