A Smash Hit

Inaugural Homecoming carnival is highly successful


Stephon Abron

Freshman Ryley Schaub dunks English teacher Donette Goodlett at Homecoming Carnival.

by Julia Scofield, Managing Editor

St. Charles High’s first ever Homecoming carnival was widely successful. Tickets were sold at 50 cents a piece and could be used at any of the 13 tables. Nearly every club participated, raising close to $1000 total.

“Last year, some StuCo members, in this AIP, came up with the idea of a carnival,” Student Council Sponsor Kimberly Timmons said, “we just didn’t have the time.”

Student Council Executive Kara Stahlsmidt said the planning of the carnival started just two weeks before the actual event.

“I think the most difficult thing was calling everyone, business-wise, and informing all the clubs,” Stahlsmidt said. “It was crazy, but we did it.”

Most carnival booths were set up in the lower commons and auxiliary gym on Friday, Sept. 9, before the Homecoming football game.

“It was supposed to take place outside,” Timmons said, “but that got rained out.”

One of Student Council’s booths was a car smash. Stahlsmidt said her father used to work at the Lewis & Clark Career Center and he gave her the phone number of the man who they got their cars from.

“He towed the car out to us, left it, and towed the car back to the junkyard after it was all smashed,” Stahlsmidt said, “all for no charge.”

With how successful the carnival was, Timmons said she would like to continue it for years to come.

“I think the carnival will be bigger and better next year,” Timmons said. “It will be more organized.”

Student Council members were very proud of the carnival’s substantial success.

“It was probably the best fundraiser the school has ever had,” Stahlsmidt said.