Taking A Knee

Students surveyed about athletes kneeling during National Anthem

by Caitlin Phillips, Staff Writer

Around the time of the commotion about schools requiring students to do the Pledge of Allegiance everyday, more drama has surfaced. Quarterback for the 49ers Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the National Anthem. Throughout the entirety of the preseason into the regular season so far, he has not stood. His teammate, Eric Reid, joined Kaepernick as well to kneel on the Thursday, Sept. 1 game.

When asked why exactly he was doing so, the quarterback claimed that he would not stand during the anthem until his rights and the rights of others were upheld within the nation. He believes that athletes and people of importance should be making a change if possible. The action caused a chain reaction with high school athletes kneeling.

With the controversy and the differing opinions, a poll was sent out asking the opinion of the students within our school.

National Anthem


“‘Black Lives Matter’ [movement] has nothing to do with the national anthem and shouldn’t. The national anthem is there to honor those who have served and sacrificed for this country and taking a knee shows disrespect of those people and has no purpose with it.” – Sophomore Aaron Jacobsen said.

“People die fighting for the USA so taking a knee is just pure disrespect.” – Junior Jordan Kestner said.



“It’s legal, the law says that you are not required to stand during the anthem or pledge.” – Senior Michaela McCoy said.

Because it’s our First Amendment right to voice or show our opinion especially in peaceful protests.” – Senior Reese Cook said.



It’s their own personal preference. It doesn’t effect me whether they stand or not.” – Senior Carolyn Fortenberry said.