Population Expansion

Students share thoughts on abundance of new high schoolers


Stephon Abron

Class of 2020 at the Homecoming assembly.

by Julia Scofield, Managing Editor


This year there are 249 freshmen joining our bustling hallways. The multitude of 9th graders has our fellow students frustrated at the difficulty to get through the halls. While on the other hand, the freshmen are having a much easier time adjusting.

How do you feel about there being 240+ freshmen this year?

“There’s too many of them. It’s crowded and they don’t know what they are doing,” sophomore Kaitlyn Abrams said, “they need to go to West.”

“I don’t really care,” senior Clayton Sides said.

“They are like swarming ants that you just want to step on,” sophomore Gehazi Whitehurst said, “they think they know everything.”

“I don’t mind them. I feel like they are the most tolerable of all the freshmen I have had to deal with in the past,” senior Destiny Nezam said.

“Annoying. They are very annoying,” sophomore Lilly Wallace said.

“It’s crazy how many there are and they all look a lot younger,” junior Riley Lauer said, “they all look like babies.”

“I think it’s too much,” freshman Miranda Sipe said.

“That’s crazy, I thought there were only like 100 something freshmen,” freshman Christina Quinn said.

“It’s nice,” freshman Haley Emmerich said, “I like it because freshmen are usually considered the lowest people, but we now have the most people.”


How have they affected your high school days?

“I’ve had to work more on my coping skills, so I don’t get really angry,” Abrams said.

“They make it harder to get to class,” Sides said, “they are always clogging up the stairs and commons.”

“They haven’t really affected me,” Whitehurst said, “they are just everywhere.”

“The reason they are better is because they haven’t affected me at all,” Nezam said.

“Whenever the teachers tell them to shut up in class they don’t listen,” Wallace said. “It irritates me.”

“They always linger in the halls,” Lauer said.


How do you feel about sharing the school with three other grades instead of just one?

“I like it better because you have more people to be around,” Sipe said, “you don’t have to see the same people every single day, day after day.”

“It’s pretty cool because you can expand your friendships with the sophomores, juniors, and seniors,” Quinn said.

“I kinda like it because one day we will be the oldest,” Emmerich said, “our senior class is gonna be poppin’!”


Was it hard to find your classes at first?

“It wasn’t hard for me at all,” Sipe said.

“I got used to it on the first day,” Quinn said.

“Kind of,” Emmerich said, “now I’ve memorized them so I just know.”


Do you feel like the school is too crowded?

“No,” Sipe said.

“It can get crowded, but if you are going straight to your classes when you need to be then you don’t really notice,” Quinn said.

“Sometimes,” Emmerich said, “but only if people walk slow.”