Galley Exposure

Staff makes a new commercial


When people think of the St. Charles High Galley, the first thing that might come to mind is the fresh baked cookies, and the many different flavors of the Mountain Dew Kickstarts. But the Galley has much more to offer, and many people are unaware of what is available.

Business teacher Judy Simmons and the Galley staff decided create their first ever commercial about the Galley to further advertise the products.

This commercial displays the many drinks in the Galley, different food and snack varieties, and the apparel the store offers. The Galley has also recently gotten new products like fruit cups, string cheese and gogurts.

Galley staff wants more students to know about the Galley and what’s in it.

It is “so a larger part of our student body would know what the Galley has to offer, and to inform them on all of the products other than the obvious,” Simmons said.

She also feels that this is a good experience for the Galley staff, so they can learn how to promote a small business.

“I think the commercial will be good exposure and it will be good to help other students know just exactly what products the Galley provides,” senior Galley student Brooke Swope said.

“I think since this is something new, more students will be interested, and it will be have a positive impact,” senior Galley student Carlie Hunter said.

The commercial will be viewed in each AIP, so that every student has the opportunity to see it. Simmons feels that this will be a success and something that they will continue to make every year.