Wrestling Hospitality Room

FACS teachers and their students help cook meals for the GAC tournament


Amber Sutton

Beef based pasta made by FACS students.

by Melanie Mota-Luis, Staff Writer

During the month of December, as the date for the wrestling GAC tournament came closer, wrestling coach Kevin Dill asked for the help of the teachers from FACS to make food for all 18 St. Charles County schools that will be participating in the event. The students made toughskin chicken pasta, beef based pasta, cookie cakes, revel bars, and brownies. 

“In the past years, Laley, Tovar, and Munzer have helped us out by making a few meals to add to our hospitality room. They pretty much cater the event,” Dill said. “We serve more than 200 people. They made 24 pans of pasta, and about 12 to 15 desserts.”  

FACS teacher Grace Tovar was content with the idea that her students would be helping to make food for the GAC. 

“I think it’s super fun to collaborate with our sports. I think it’s always great for us to branch out a bit and help get our names out there, and also help out some fellow teams,” Tovar said. 

Student Julia Villa also agrees with Tovar. 

“[Yes] I did enjoy making food for them. I thought it was really nice that we are able to help them and provide good-tasting food for them to eat,” Villa said. 

As many more years of wrestling come, the FACS teachers hope they are able to help out with making meals for the staff and wrestlers.

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