One Pitch at a Time

Maddie Jackson puts game face on


Audrey Sedillo

Pitcher Maddie Jackson standing in position before pitching.

by Melanie Mota-Luis, Staff Writer

Maddie Jackson, a pitcher for the softball team, also plays in centerfield. Earlier this year, Jackson suffered a fracture in her right hand, making her unable to play softball. 

“The doctor said I should start feeling better after four weeks. But the end of the season is in four weeks, so I’m trying to quicken that up so I can play for the last week of districts,” Jackson said. 

The new pitchers filling in for Jackson are Bryten Kendrick and Meghan Aceves.

During Jackson’s absence, the team has had to work hard to fill in her position. “Everyone took it upon themselves to kind of improve themselves a bit,” Softball Coach David Jones said.  

“Meghan is a very good pitcher. She knows a lot of pitches and she’s very accurate. The team is also very supportive,” player Alexis Davis said. 

Jackson has had a large impact on the softball team. 

“She’s one of the best, top two pitchers that have ever come into the program,” Jones said. 

“She’s one of the best, top two pitchers that have ever come into the program.”

— David Jones

Because of this, the team has been supportive of Jackson. 

“The team was very sad about her injury since it is her senior year. Maddie was trying to get a place up on the leader’s place, she was trying to get more pitches and strikeouts for that,” Davis said.  


 Despite her injury, Maddie Jackson returned to play in centerfield on October 5. 

“It doesn’t hurt since it was only my pinky. I use the rest of my fingers to catch the ball and throw,” Jackson said. 

The team hopes that Jackson can make a full recovery and play to her heart’s desire for the rest of the season.