A Difficult, but Different Year

Guidance counselors are trying to define how enrollment will work for the upcoming years


by Alija Ernst, Content Manager

The enrollment process is the essential process for students to have a say for their schedule. In years prior, the process is usually started right after Winter break, however this year, the process won’t start until late January. For many years, counselors have been trying to get students to fill out their schedule for their remaining years  of high school. However, because of the Missouri House Bill 280 law that was passed, this caused schools to have a later start, therefore pushing everything to a stand still. 

“We do know that our timeline will be different than last year because our semester ends two weeks later than normal because of the House Bill 280, therefore causing us to have to push back the process. Not only that, but we can’t do the enrollment presentations that we usually do. So we still have to figure out a way to do that and reach all the people that we need to reach,” said Julie Basler, Head of Guidance.

Furthermore, Coronavirus caused a major set back with things in the beginning of the school year and finals. However the counselors are trying their best to keep up with these changes coming from the district calendar. 

“This year is definitely more difficult for sure, especially compared to other years. We [as counselors] have to come up with ways to do what we normality do, and still be able to reach both the in-person and virtual student,” said Basler.

Not only that, but this year, trying to reach students is becoming more and more difficult as students become bombarded with emails from Google Classroom and teachers. They aren’t sure that they are going to be able to reach all the people that they need to reach. 

We are adapting to this world, it’s not that it is more difficult, it is just different. So, we are still going to do the same job we have always done, we just have to go about it a little differently.

— Julie Basler

“I wish that I could present in front of the kids like usual, and know that they all got the same information at the same time. However it is not that easy anymore, we can’t guarantee that the kids are going to actually watch the videos that we post or if they will look at their emails to see that we contacted them regarding their schedules,” said Guidance Counselor Brad Bichel.

“Reaching everybody and getting the same information and making sure they know the steps. Then if nobody fills out the enrollment process, then we won’t know what classes students are wanting and requesting. The enrollment process is very crucial for us and if it not done or not done correctly, then we don’t get good data and good information and we are then just shooting in the dark,” said Basler. 

However, with this year being so different from years prior, the counselors were able to give some advice to students during these trying times for students, virtual and in-person. 

The guidance department wants students to focus on their grades and their attendance, and their schooling. They don’t expect students to be perfect, but just do their very best they can in the current times. Because no matter what, students are still trying to earn credits for your graduation. If they get behind now, it will be really hard to catch up later on. Just do the very best, earn their diploma, and go on to do something that they are satisfied with. Don’t try to overload themselves, so that high school is enjoyable.