Population Expansion

Class of 2020 at the Homecoming assembly.
Students share thoughts on abundance of new high schoolers
September 19, 2016

  This year there are 249 freshmen joining our bustling hallways. The multitude of 9th graders has our fellow students frustrated at the difficulty to get through the halls. While on the other...

Is everyday too much?

Schs students’ opinions on the pledge of allegiance and whether or not we should say it every day.
September 15, 2016

There have been many changes in SCHS after a year. Four days of finals, different grading system, and now changes in A.I.P. Our school has recently installed a new Pledge of Allegiance policy (see pledge...

Sweeping Changes

The flag of the United States outside St. Charles High School with the flag of Missouri below it.
Legislature requires pledge to be made daily
September 13, 2016

On Aug. 26 Senate Bill (SB) 638 was put into effect across all Missouri schools. It includes changes such as mandatory Dyslexia testing, Childhood Trauma treatment groups, and the most apparent addition:...

Substitute Scramble

College Comp substitute, DeGeer, helps students while working on their papers.
Multiple subs cycle through Teague’s class
September 13, 2016

The start of the 2016 school year has gotten off to a bit of a slow start for the College Comp classes because the class has already had three separate substitutes within the first month of school. The...

Filled with Glee

courtesy of Jacob Welch
New club for people interested in music
September 13, 2016

There is now a club for the kids who love to sing. Junior Jacob Welch had a vision of a place where the participants could be themselves and learn to sing, so he started the club.   “I want...

Pirate Softball On Track For Much Improved Season

Sophomore pitcher Rachel Payne greets fellow freshman catcher Ryley Schaub during the home game against Fort Zumwalt East on Aug. 24
Team looking to continue their winning ways
September 13, 2016

High’s softball team won only one game last year and were knocked out in the first round of districts. Graduating only three seniors last year with a promising incoming freshman class on its way, Head...

Come One, Come All!

Both the dance and the carnival included a cotton candy machine.
StuCo chooses ‘Carnival’ for this year’s homecoming theme
September 13, 2016

After traveling around the world with the homecoming theme last year, StuCo chose “Carnival” for this year’s theme. After bouncing around ideas during a meeting, StuCo picked “Carnival.” “We...

Theater’s New Teacher

Courtney LaChance-Denton teaches theater
Denton mixes StarWars and teaching
September 9, 2016

When students walk into new theater teacher Courtney LaChance-Denton’s classroom they’ll notice one thing immediately, “Star Wars.” Denton has such a strong love for “Star Wars” to the point...

Favorite & Most Visited NEW Restaurants In St.Charles

These are the new restaurants in St,Charles that are student favorites.
September 9, 2016

In a poll of 111 students at St.Charles High school, these are their opinions on the best restaurants and a list of the most visited that are new in St.Charles.

Four Days of Finals Plan Not a Final Decision

Four Days of Finals Plan Not a Final Decision
The four days of finals plan and schedule is still a work in progress
September 7, 2016

Along with the changing of the grading system comes a changing of the finals system. “Two finals in one day is a little bit easier than three,” Principal Jeff Walker said.   This was...

Varsity Football Takes Season By Storm

Sophomore Cody Thorne consults with Head Coach Joe Leibner about plays at the Jamboree on Aug. 12
Record so far shows great promise for games to come
September 2, 2016

This year has started rather positively for the varsity football team. On Aug. 19 they defeated Duchesne High School 32-27 and on Aug. 26 they defeated Windsor High School 45-26 leading them off with a...

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