A Champion in The Baking

Junior Chase Nagel whisked life and limb in the FCCLA baking competition to win an appetizing gold medal.


Junior Chase Nagel shows off her gold medal as she stands next to her baked creampuffs, caramel toffee cookies, pumpkin pecan loaves and a cake

by Madeline Kratzer, Staff Writer

They always say “Bake it til you make it”, and that is exactly the case for junior Chase Nagel, the FCCLA regional baking champion. Accompanied by FACS teachers Daniele Munzer and Elizabeth Laley, Chase Nagel rose up to the challenge like dough. 

“I knew she was going to win,” Munzer said, “I knew she was going to make it to state.”

Usually, FCCLA baking competitions are avoided due to the difficulty of the fast-paced baking. However, this did not scare Nagel.

“Chase has been the first competitor from our school as long as I’ve been here or Mrs. Munzer’s been here, nobody’s done this competition, and now she’s moving onto state,” Laley said.

Nagel not only baked one delicious treat, but a wide array of different baked goods. 

“I cooked the caramel toffee cookies, the cream puffs, pumpkin pecan loaves and a decorated cake,” said Nagel. 

In her many years of baking, Nagel has recognized her baking mistakes and has worked to improve them.

“I think that time management could be a bit better and I could use my tools better too,” said Nagel. 

Nagel has had time to hone her skills: she’s been baking for over 13 years, since her mother allowed her to touch the oven.

“I’ve been baking since I was little so it’s always been a stress reliever and it’s something that I’m good at,” said Nagel, “it’s something I can give to people so it’s a combination of everything I like.”

I’ve been baking since I was little so it’s always been a stress reliever and it’s something that I’m good at

— Chase Nagel- Baking Competition Gold Winner

Although Nagel’s baking skills are excellent, what really made her a dough-getter was her motivation.

“Chase practiced in AIP before, she came in after school and she came with her plan,” said Munzer. “It was well planned.”

The FCCLA state baking competition is March 12-14, at Osage Beach, Missouri, and Munzer and Laley will also be accompanying Nagel to state. They say that all good things must crumb to an end, but Nagel proves that wrong with her delectable path to baking glory. Student that have a talent in baking or if you have the desire to learn to bake, or sew, or do any domestic or crafty duty, you can compete too! FCCLA, after all, does stand for “Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.”

“Come join FCCLA and we’ll get you the information, even if you didn’t want to do a baking competition, there’s all kinds of other competitions and events related to family consumer sciences, it doesn’t just have to be baking,” Laley said.