Movie lacks scary moments

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by Katrina Wilfong, Yearbook Conduit

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The new hit movie M3gan is a horror and thriller movie directed by Gerard Johnstone. It was written by Akela Cooper and James Wan. As the trailer was seen on many platforms, two famous scenes caught everyone’s eyes and circled all around the internet. In one of the scenes, the M3gan doll dances and in the other scene M3gan sings.  

The movie starts with a commercial about “PurrPetual Petz” the next thing viewers see is the main character, Cady, and her parents in a snowstorm. Then out of nowhere a car comes and hits them and the screen goes black. As the movie continues, Cady starts living with her aunt as her legal guardian. Cady wasn’t happy with any of the toys she had, so her aunt made up M3gan for her to play with and be her friend. The doll was a little too real though, as she acted like a human and was very protective over Cady.

The iconic dancing scene was the highlight of the movie for most viewers. M3gan goes off her hinges and does this popular dance – the one that people are making a meme out of. Everyone was dancing to it and comparing it to other dances out there. As M3gan swung her body and did an aerial and landed on a wall it surprised the audience. It’s not a normal scene. A doll just doesn’t dance with a knife to distract someone. She had an intention and it was very clear she wanted to make her victim scared and speechless, and she succeeded. As she’s dancing she grabs the knife and starts charging at the man who is just watching her. She follows him until he gets cornered and the rest is for the audience to watch. 

Singing was a mini part of the movie. M3gan sings to her paired partner about what emotion they are feeling. As Cady becomes sad, M3gan sings the song “Tell me your Dreams” by Anthony Willis and Jenna Davis. It was one of the most sentimental scenes of the movie which it barely has in the first place. She sings this to show that no matter what Cady is going through, she will always have someone there for her and she’s not alone. M3gan will always be there and be her friend and protect her. Towards the middle of the film, M3gan sings the chorus of the song “Titanium.” As she sang this song, it comforted Cady just like the first song she sang to her. I couldn’t help but laugh at how M3gan was singing to Cady. It was one of the funniest scenes in the movie because most people’s dolls don’t sing to them. 

 As the film continues the effects matched the theme of the movie. Most scenes are excellent in the effects and some weren’t, but overall the movie was just okay. It wasn’t all that I was expecting. I feel like it shouldn’t be labeled as horror because nothing was scary. It should stay as thriller, but not horror. Other than that, the movie didn’t catch my attention. I could just play it in the background and not even see it’s playing unless there is a scene where it gets really loud and dramatic.