Finals Receive a Change

The final exemption policies differed for SCHS students

Finals Attendance Policy has been differed.

Cadence Halliday

Finals Attendance Policy has been differed.

by Cadence Halliday, Copy Editor

Students are experiencing a new policy due to district administration wanting students to be in attendance even if they’re exempting a final.

“The school is now making us accountable for attendance again,” Principal Ted Happel said. “We didn’t think it was fair to put that 96 percent attendance in because everyone’s been sick.”

The new policy was put in place to step in for the 96 percent attendance rule. Due to COVID, flu and other viruses, the students have been hit hard. Students are ranging from two to three weeks of not being in attendance. 

“We have students who are working hard on their grades, but the attendance piece was something hard to maintain because of all the viruses going around,” Happel said.

The students are working hard to keep their grades up, but due to the illnesses it has been difficult for students and teachers alike.

“I agree with the new rule. It helps our attendance with the state that leads into our funding,” teacher Jacob Holtgraewe said. “So having students here on that day will help us in that regard.”

Some students are having a challenging time accepting the new policy that has been put in place for the 2023 school year.

“I think it’s a little unnecessary,” senior Charlie Avalos said. “I don’t see what problems there was before.”

The new rule that has been an accommodation for the old attendance policy has been hitting students strong.

“I think that if kids have good grades and good attendance then they should be allowed to leave for finals,” junior Gracie Alexander said. 

A few students feel that if the grades are good enough to be exempt then the students shouldn’t have to be in attendance during those finals.

“I feel like if you earn the A and worked hard the whole semester then you should get to relax at home,” senior Dawn Razor said.