Chess Club Captures Kings

Pirate nation has incorporated a new club to its arsenal

by Colton Schroer, Content Manager

For a long time now, students of SCHS have been wanting a Chess club to be created and now that wish has come true.

“I run a chess club at my kids’ school and my students here saw I had chess boards in my room and wanted to start a chess club here at our school,” Sponsor Patrick Gebhard said.

The world of chess has brought many together to just get better at the game and have fun.

“I’ve always been interested in chess so I decided to join the club to pretty much get better at the game itself,” junior Lincoln Moseley said.

Chess is an abstract strategy game to build the mind in different ways starting with 32 individual pieces and an infinite amount of ways to solve the puzzle to secure a victory.

“Chess definitely adds a sort of spatial awareness. It’s not like physical spatial awareness in the real world but when you’re thinking about a chess board there’s a lot of translation you can do
into moves,” junior Ben Dietrich said. “But I think it’s very much a thing where you’re thinking about ideas in combinations of things you can do to work towards the main goal.”

Thinking before playing a piece is very vital in the game and one wrong blunder can get you in a tough situation.

“I can think of my actions before I’m doing them just because chess has kind of trained me to do that,” Dietrich said. “I can get a better idea of what my opponent might do so I can react in an appropriate way.”