Time To Take It Home

Girls wrestling team shows no fear to take on challenges

by Katrina Wilfong, Yearbook Conduit

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  • about to attack

  • resting before their next move

  • taking them down to the ground

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Coach Ryan Hanmore states that this season has very good potential and puts his trust in his team that everyone will do excellent.

“There are lots of seniors carrying the team and I hope the freshmen will step up and take their spots once the seniors take their leave,” Hanmore said.

As for this season, there isn’t any pressure because they know what they are getting themselves into and how they can manage to calm stress. Hanmore wants every kid to improve their skills. He hopes the girls will do well in class one which is competing against small schools in district and state. They are class one compared to boys who are class two so they will compete against bigger schools.

Freshman Makenna South is someone who has never wrestled for a school team. Her very first year she is worried of what could happen and she is terrified of getting poorly hurt. Her big goal is to make it big like her brother Levi Perry-South. She has always looked up to him and wants to be as good as him.

“I want to work on my stamina, and to have people show me the ropes on how things are done to make it big,” South said.

Senior Hayley Newtown was someone who did well last year. Newton did not make it to State, but she did end in districts against Mexico High School. Many people believe that she can make it far this season and win every tournament she comes against.

Newtown’s goal is to place at the State and have a really fun season since it’s her last year with the people she loves. Like everyone else, she thinks they will have a good season and make it big.

“I want to stay positive this season and let nothing get in my way and achieve my goals,” Newtown said.

As everyone is preparing for this season she hopes that they push through the ups and downs together as a team.