On With The Show

Four separate choirs perform in front of friends and family


Katrina Wilfong

Treble Choir rehearsing for the Broadway Concert

by Katrina Wilfong, Yearbook Conduit

As Mixed, Concert, Treble, and Madrigal choirs got ready to have their best concert of the year on Oct. 15, there was some stress and excitement floating in the air. 

Gibson is going to miss her seniors this year because most of them have been with her since the start of 2017. 

Choir teacher Courtney Gibson prepared everyone for their very first concert and the most stressful time of the year. Gibson had thought that she did pretty well performing in her Peter Pan act with all her seniors that will be graduating in 2023. The Peter Pan act is where Gibson gathers all of her seniors that are graduating that year, they perform I Won’t Grow Up. They dance and sing like all of the other acts that go on. She stated that she could very much do it in her sleep at this point. The part she liked the most was the Opener and Closer number which had everyone performing. One of her favorites was also Men in Tights. 

“I’m always giving it my all,” Gibson said, “ I am always tired after.”

Karla Curry has always been their pianist; she helps them know what the notes are gonna be like on the piano. She ensures everyone is doing the dance well and helps the unique acts on the side. 

Curry enjoyed the variety of small acts and bigger acts and how they can change from one another. As people dance and sing Curry states she believes that this year she is going to miss all the seniors because they are a good group of kids that are leaving. 

“Sometimes I get a little nervous doing the numbers,” Curry said. “Small acts should know their numbers.”

Sophomore Orion Schaub has never been used to performing, no matter how much she performs, she is always nervous. As she barely had any slip ups here and there but she thought she did genuinely okay. Schaub liked Putting on the Ritz and also enjoyed Men in Tights the most out of everything that was put out there.

Schaub did not break that cycle. As the seniors get closer to leaving, Schaub states how sad she is due to the bonds she’s created with them.

“I worked hard for this show,” Schaub said. “I would practice anytime I got the chance.” 

Sophomore Isaiah McRoberts was extremely nervous about this show, this was his first time doing a small act outside of all the big numbers. As some people may say, Putting on the Ritz was their favorite and this goes for Isaiah as well. He didn’t mess up as much as he thought he would which really left him in shock.

McRoberts states his three favorite seniors Asia Cohen-Davis, Cole Thiesfeld, and Katrina Wilfong. McRoberts gets along with all three of these students the most. 

“I started slacking in big group numbers, but I’ve gotten better over the years,” McRoberts said.