Boys Soccer Wrapping up their Season

by Colton Schroer, Content Manager

Another season has wrapped up and put in the books for boys soccer. Their record sits at 13-13 after their final game in districts losing 2-1 against Orchard Farm. The boys worked hard to make a big impact on the field.

“The soccer team has been doing good. We won a few essential games and lost a few, but other than that, we’ve all had a pretty strong season,” Captain Ethan Mercurio said.

We have lost some close games, but it’s not about the wins.

— Todd Rakonick


Keeping focus is an essential part of having strong and winning team

“Overall it’s been very good and the ability to continue to build the team is major for us,” Head Coach Todd Rakonick said.

The team is able to improve and adapt to situations on the field. Having the ability to do that can give them a higher chance to win games and keep moving forward throughout the season. While the season wraps up, there is only one word to describe it. Satisfying. 

“I think it would be satisfying. Going into the season, I knew we had lost a few key players and to other circumstances,” Rakonick said. “The goal for myself and for the players was to be just kind of where we are at, so I think we are doing a good job with that.”

The season is closing out and in the books as a pretty good one.

“We have lost some close games, but it’s not about the wins,” Rakonick said, “I think right now we are probably playing the best soccer we have for the whole season.”