La Belle Vie Café Art Show

Creative Imaginations and Cold brews

by Lillian Barton, Staff Writer

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Thursday Oct 6. from 5:00 – 7:00 pm, at the La Belle Vie Café in Frenchtown there was a reception held to honor the AP art classes from both St. Charles High and West, along with artwork from each art teacher.  

“Students were selected last year from a jury show,” Christine Hilburn said. 

A jury is where artists submit their work and the jurors get to choose between and select the ones they like. When all of the jurors chose which art they wanted to show, La Belle Vie had a show open and asked the schools if they wanted to have their own show. 

“They thought that October might be a little too early, so they decided to combine it with the West AP art classes,” Hilburn said. 

One eye-catching piece was created by Will Snodgrass and it features aliens taking over the world. 

“An apocalyptic world where aliens have taken over the world and the humans are trying to take back over the aliens, but the aliens planted a seed in the earth. So the humans have to try to figure out where the seed is so they map out their plan to steal the earth back,”  Snodgrass explains. 

There’s a bunch of cool art on the walls of the café and they’re staying up until Dec 2. If you’re interested to go > 1200 N 2nd St.